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Letter from the CEO

Fellow Stakeholders,

September 2015 marks the one-year anniversary of Preventice Solutions’ foundation.

So what have we accomplished in 2015? Success speaks throughout this journey and we are proud of the amazing results our teams achieved in our very first year!

Changing our corporate name was an important milestone to create the Preventice Solutions brand while aligning our new look and feel. Our principal operating companies, eCardio and Preventice have now become Preventice Services and Preventice Technologies. The new brand and entity structure positions us well for a dynamic future. We will continue to build our visual identity.

Through this year, we have stayed focused on unifying our employees and streamlining our businesses without having to resort to extensive changes to seek synergy. We believe this synergy is critical. A company’s culture is about shared values and behaviors that determines how people perform individually and as a team. We defined our functional and cultural objectives, diagnosed the differences, then developed a fully integrated organization operating as one enterprise platform. We have total confidence in our teams who have built a sustainable strategy that will excite employees about the future. This integration of the two cultures is one we now want to build on through the focus on salesforce execution during the rest of 2015 and into 2016.

As we move forward in our journey, we bring forward the sales growth opportunities of our newly launched BodyGuardian® Heart and BodyGuardian® Holter. BodyGuardian® Heart is a mobile cardiac telemetry monitor. Its monitoring system is a cutting edge approach that allows monitoring more than just standard ECG. This system can additionally include weight, blood pressure, glucose and SpO2 monitoring. These added features support physicians in their treatment plans by potentially easing the stress of patients, and improving adherence.

We plan to bring a new monitoring solution to market by year end: “PatientCare” our cloud-based technology platform that increases physician-patient engagement and sets a potential key backbone from early screening and detection, through recovery, and maintenance. This platform helps healthcare professionals and will improve patient outcomes, to quite simply, make it easier for people to stay healthy. These product and integration successes have enabled our sales to continue to grow at greater than market rates.

For Preventice Solutions to deliver on its vision, it is crucial that our new product development process is lean, efficient and reduces cycle times. Innovation and access are the two pillars in our IT and R&D departments. Two good examples, are the launch of BodyGuardian® Heart, and the kick off of PatientCare, where in both cases Preventice Solutions leads. Improving our technologies will be critical to strengthen the future growth of the company.

To this end, the enhancement of service planning and governance delivery was critical this year. This framework will improve speed to market, more appropriate levels of risk control and better return on investment. We also have started to embolden new partners in achieving their mission:

  • Launching a cloud-based electrocardiogram (ECG) analytics program with AliveCor.
  • Working with STMicroelectronics to develop BodyGuardian® Remote Monitoring System.
  • Supporting the commercial delivery of Medibio’s Circadian Heart Rate tests to assist clinicians with the diagnosis of depression, workplace stress, and other mental health disorders.
  • Providing back end support and monitoring service to JointMetrix, an innovative leader in monitoring patients post joint replacement surgery.

During the last months of this initial year, Boston Scientific has become a significant shareholder and will become the exclusive worldwide sales and marketing representative for Preventice Solutions. This investment has a very substantial impact on the company. It changes the shape of the business and delivers benefits through synergies. Critically, it is an important part of rebalancing the group’s future.

One of the aspects of the company that we are very proud of is our dedicated employees. We have undoubtedly integrated a diverse range of skilled staff,from technicians to engineers, gaining a foothold on their growing career. A tangible success achieved this year was consolidating and improving our 401(k) and medical plans while integrating as one payroll/HR platform. When employees are included in making changes that may be affecting their career, developing their skills and enhancing their benefits, a sense of organizational ownership is also created. Ownership creates the desire to succeed and take pride in the company. We are pleased to report that our workforce grew substantially to 536 during the year.

We now embark upon the last months in 2015, the chance to expand our vision provides a rare opportunity to exploit digital technologies, catalyze remote monitoring service offerings and explore additional partnerships. We will constantly challenge ourselves to find novel solutions that improve patients’ wellbeing and better serve our customers. Those outcomes will be specially designed around deep insights uncovered from truly listening to patients and healthcare providers.

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of Preventice Solutions.

Jon Otterstatter