Our Supply Chain and Operations

We work with our supply chain partners, manufacturers, and logistics teams to develop our services and technologies. Our partnerships are based on mutual trust, openness, shared risk and shared rewards; resulting in outstanding business performance and customer service.

We meet or exceed our regulatory requirements and are committed to continuous improvement of our remote monitoring capabilities and logistics.  We work collaboratively with our customers to ensure that they recognize the full benefit and operational efficiencies that our services can provide.  Our goal is to help our customers transform healthcare through innovative technologies, processes, and solutions.  


Monitors are medical devices that are important to health care professionals, and even more important to patients, so it’s essential to use a delivery service we can rely on. We have the flexibility to ship anytime, anywhere.

We send thousands of shipments of monitors nationwide annually to and from our practices, physicians, and patients. We partner with UPS®, the world’s largest and most reliable package delivery company to ensure that these shipments are fully tracked, insured, and reliably delivered.

Our partnership with UPS® allows us and our customers to have peace of mind when receiving and returning the monitor equipment. This collaboration represents an important milestone to satisfy customer needs by truly listening to them.