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body guardian verite monitor

Your physician has prescribed you the BodyGuardian® Verité monitoring service provided by Preventice Services. The BodyGuardian Verité monitor continuously monitors and records all heartbeats, detecting irregular rhythms. Wearing the monitor will help your physician diagnose potential rhythm problems while you are outside of a clinic or hospital. The monitor has wires that connect to small discs (electrodes) attached to your chest to record the electrocardiogram. Because the electrodes are attached with tape or adhesives, they may cause mild skin irritation. Tell the technician if you are allergic to any tapes or adhesives.

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Instructional Video

This BodyGuardian Verité monitor instructional video is broken up into seven modules. Click any thumbnail link below the video to jump to the coresponding section of the video, or click a link below to view each video seperately.

Module 1 - Introduction to Your Monitor
Module 2 - Attaching Your Electrodes
Module 3 - Recording Your Symptoms
Module 4 - Screen Display and Interpretation
Module 5 - Charging the Monitor
Module 6 - Daily Wear and Precautions
Module 7 - Returning Your Monitor

Module 1 - Introduction to Your Monitor

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