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Patient Survey

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. We appreciate your feedback and are committed to listening to our customers.

Use the following scale to rate your monitoring experience with Preventice Services:

= Disagree
= Neither Agree
nor Disagree
= Agree
= Not applicable
  1. The instruction manual was easy to understand and helped me during my study.
  2. The videos displayed on the website are a great resource.
  3. Supplies in my box were enough for the length of my study.
  4. Overall, I am very satisfied with the way the representative guided me to hook up my monitor.
  5. My representative seemed knowledgeable about the device I was wearing.
  6. I feel the tone and attitude of my representative was courteous and professional.
  7. I felt confident that I know how to use my device.
  8. My experience with Preventice Services was positive.

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