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Our Monitoring Services

Until you are diagnosed with an arrhythmia, you may be at risk for future symptoms. Wearing the monitor will help your physician diagnose potential heart rhythm problems when you are outside a clinic or hospital.

By continuously tracking your heart rhythms, doctors are more likely to discover whether an arrhythmia is causing your symptoms, and then can use the monitors to help manage your condition.


1 Monitor is Prescribed

Monitor placed on patient in office

The cardiac monitor continuously records your heartbeats, detecting irregular rhythms and allowing you to indicate when you are symptomatic. Wearing the monitor will help your physician diagnose potential problems.

2a Office Hook Up

You are given the monitor in
your doctor's office.

Other monitors available for your doctor to prescribe.

During your appointment, your doctor’s staff will present you with a monitor and will instruct you on how to apply and attach it. They may also help you do this for the first time and record and transmit an initial ECG recording.

2b Home Hook Up

The monitor is ordered for home delivery. We will contact you to verify some information and ship quickly.

Your doctor may request to send the monitor to your home. We will call to schedule your shipment and again to help you get connected and transmit your initial ECG recording. Call us as soon as you receive the monitor.

3 Recording Symptoms

Patient starts wearing the monitor.

If you experience symptoms at any time, you should press the Record or Event button on your monitor and follow the instructions in the Patient Manual for symptom and activity capture.

4 Transmitting Events

Data is sent to Preventice as needed during your prescribed period.

The data from your monitor is transmitted to our Monitoring Center. Certified technicians will review it to check for any irregular heart rhythms and other conditions as directed by your doctor.

5 Reviewing Results

Reports are generated by Preventice Services and reviewed by your doctor.

If the ECG shows a serious heart rhythm or other doctor requested condition, we will notify your physician and may contact you for follow up questions or to provide directions from your doctor.